Better Outcomes

As a provider, your goal is to get your patients back home as soon as possible. OASN and its members help you achieve that goal by providing quality care at over 130 facilities throughout Ohio.  Our members are working together to share best practices that help lower treatment costs and result in better outcomes.

We contract with an independent consulting firm and our members participate in a quarterly survey that measures their performance and certain quality care indicators.  This information allows us to work together to improve treatment processes and healthcare outcomes, while lowering total costs.

Survey Highlight:  OASN members’ median scores for pressure ulcers and anti-psychotic drug use – both Medicaid patient safety indicators – are below the state average and national benchmark for short-term and long-term care.

“Being with a group like OASN means we have the added support of industry experts to help make us successful in this ever-changing healthcare environment.”


View a sample OASN Achievement Dashboard.