OASN Strong

Because over 33% of Ohio seniors select a health plan with a Medicare Advantage product that includes coverage for skilled nursing home care and other services you provide, it is important to have contracts under multiple plans. This benefit, combined with heightened visibility to providers and insurers, will allow you to continue to serve and grow your patient base.

As an OASN member you will receive:

Greater leverage in negotiating higher rates and other payment arrangements with an experienced negotiator representing your interests and 60 other members in your statewide network; you no longer have to enter the room alone
Peer-shared resources from over 130 facilities to help educate your staff on how to maximize the payment components of contracts and improve patient services
Opportunities to apply for other funding offered through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), the State of Ohio, and other private grants
Contracts with multiple health plans; health plans are more apt to contract with a network than with a single facility
Performance scores comparing your facility with others in the state and nationwide, giving insight into where you excel and where you could improve
More post-acute patients from hospitals as a result of contracts with multiple health plans and your facility performance scores being available to providers for review

“As OASN members, we aren’t competing against each other, we’re learning from each other. And as we become better individually, our group becomes stronger as a whole.”


Discover how your organization can be a part of a network designed to support senior care services in Ohio.  Fill out the form below and an OASN representative will be in touch.  Then, start taking advantage of all the benefits that come with being an OASN member.